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1.  At the Cafe, we serve some FREE items and some PAID items.  
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From the menu, you order solid content that will fill in the gaps of your own skills, experiences and knowledge…and save time and make money for you and your local business.

ThGeek-boy-2is site was built for the owners and managers of local businesses.
For years, I owned a local printing company and I eventually realized I needed more expertise in areas where my knowledge and experience was very limited.  So, I paid consultants and others who had that experience.

This website is like one of those consultants…except that we charge much less.
Here, you will find lots of tips, tools and techniques to get the job done quicker and better saving you time and money!

We are an On-Demand Site for Business Tips, Tools and Techniques.
OrGeek-Girl-4der off the menu for information and tools that you need… when you need it!  Because we understand that you probably need money for other things, we decided to discount as much as possible while keeping the quality of the content at a professional level.  Go ahead and take a look for yourself.

All of our content is professionally written and intended to give you a handle on critical areas of marketing and managing a local business.